Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the medical education in Philippines?

Philippines follow the American system of education as it had been under American occupation for the past 50 years and has brought out one of the best education system in Asia. The medical course in Philippines is called the MD program [Doctor of medicine] this is similar to that of USA, Russia, Ukraine and rest of Europe. The MD program is equivalent to MBBS of UK, India, Pakistan and other Commonwealth countries.

2. What is the total duration of this course..?

The total duration of this MD course is 5½ years.

The first 16 months [1 year and 4 months] is called the Bachelor of Science program and focuses on building foundation for a strong medical education. The next 4 year is the core medicine and clinical ratio.

3. What are the documents required for the admissions?

The photocopies of all relevant documents which are necessary for academic eligibility and proof are required for the admissions. You will get the list of documents at the time of enquiry.

4. Are VMUF Medical Degrees recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council..?

Yes. It’s recognized by the Sri Lankan Medical Council. You may refer web site for verification.

5. What is the medium of teaching in Philippines?

Being an American colony for 50 years English has become the official language for government, communication, day to day living and all other activities. All the universities including VMUF have English medium education.

6. How is the weather there....?

7. Give a brief idea about the Hostel facility there?

VMUF hostel facilities are above board with attached bathrooms, with single, double or triple beds. The students can choose to stay outside on their own accommodations after the 1’st semester. Students can prepare their own food inside their rooms or they can buy food from outside.

8. What about the availability of other facilities like laundry, library, internet, etc. there?

All such facilities are available near by at extra cost.

9. Is there any dress code for college students?

There are uniforms for students

10. How can I do my internship…..?

You can do your internship in the Philippines if you so desire or do it in Sri Lanka on successfully concluding the Act 16 examination conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council.